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Sacha Taylor HBCE DipHB(KGH)
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Laura & Matt

After doing a bit of research and contacting Sacha for a taster session, we decided that HypnoBirthing was definitely the route we wanted to follow.  We went on to enjoy every hypnobirth session with Sacha who we found to have a genuine passion in helping us to get the birthing experience we wanted. The sessions were interactive, fun and became one of the highlights of our week…we were really sad when they ended! Sacha and the course content gave us the confidence to put our trust in mother nature and think differently about how we would bring our baby into the world. By the end of the course we decided we didn’t want the hustle and bustle of a main hospital and opted to deliver at the new midwife led unit at Cossham which offered a home like environment with minimal medical intervention, a total U-turn on our previous choice! When I went into labour my contractions became extremely intense fairly quickly and were managed purely by breathing alone and adopting the techniques that Sacha had taught us. Both of us had a role to play and supported each other through the process. The whole birthing experience was amazing and I would do it all again tomorrow, we delivered a beautiful baby girl in a birthing pool with just 2 paracetamol as pain relief; it was just as we had watched on the videos during our course. We cannot thank Sacha enough for giving us the confidence to have the birth that we hoped for.

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