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Taster Sessions

Would you like to find out what Hypnobirthing is all about?

Perhaps you’ve heard about Hypnobirthing and want to know more, or maybe you know someone who used it for their birth and want to see for yourself what it’s all about before committing, or perhaps your partner isn’t so sure…

The be confident and see if Hypnobirthing could work for you, you and your partner/husband are very welcome to come along to one of my regular taster sessions, where you can:

– Find out how Hypnobirthing works
– Understand why it works
– See why birth preparation is so important
– Meet me in person and ask any questions you may have
– Have a chance to try some of the techniques out on the night

The taster sessions allow you to make an informed decision about signing up to a Hypnobirthing course with Pure Hypnobirthing so you are confident you are investing your time and money wisely.  You can attend a taster session at any point in your pregnancy – the earlier the better really!

Sessions usually take place on a Thursday evening each month in Corsham, Wiltshire and the next available date is Thursday, 6th June 2024 at 8pm. 

To secure your place, please get in touch here to book your space and come see what Hypnobirthing is all about!