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About Me

Sacha and daughterHaving never heard of Hypnobirthing until I discovered it completely by chance when I was already 30 weeks pregnant, I am still amazed by the experience and the path it has led me to follow.

My husband and I were intrigued about what Hypnobirthing claimed to be able to do for us and as soon as we started attending our local classes, we were instantly hooked.  We learned so much more than other antenatal classes teach you and we realised there was a very real alternative to the drama, pain and drugs portrayed on television, in films or through the media, along with friends’ stories/experiences and what is generally expected by all women.

The techniques I learned in the classes quickly helped me lose all sense of anxiety and fear that I had been feeling, so the latter part of my pregnancy became a much more relaxed and enjoyable affair!

When the big day came, it couldn’t have gone better.  I was calm and relaxed throughout, didn’t need any pain relief at all and Pippa came out coo-ing instead of screaming, appreciating her calm entry into the world as much as we did!

I am so very passionate about Hypnobirthing, having experienced it first hand and understanding how much it can help women during their pregnancy, during labour and even long after the baby is born.

This is why I decided to change careers completely and become a HypnoBirthing Educator in 2012.  And I was amazed when I attended the training course to see that almost all of the other students were midwives, supported by their NHS trusts to learn about and teach Hypnobirthing. They have seen the results with their own eyes and realise how beneficial offering Hypnobirthing to the women in their care can be.

There is so much to gain from attending a Hypnobirthing course and I am so happy to be teaching the programme to local mums and dads so they can experience a calm, relaxed and comfortable birth too.  In 2020, I furthered my Hypnobirthing career by training with KGHypnobirthing, the home Hypnobirthing in the UK, so that the couples I teach can have the very best experience from the course and further increase their chances of having a wonderful birth.

And finally, in 2014 I trained at the acclaimed Clifton Practice in Bristol to become a fully qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist specialising in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, becoming a Supervisor in 2018 as well.  This is a natural progression for me in being able to offer additional assistance to people using relaxation techniques that I know from experience work wonders in improving health, attitude and general well-being.  I have seen amazing results with my clients over the years, and am pleased to offer a half price Initial Consultation (£35 instead of £70) to any of the parents I teach on my Hypnobirthing courses, whether they see me before or after the baby is born.  In addition, I am also offering £40 off my Stop Smoking session to any of the parents I teach who want to stop smoking before or after baby arrives (£120 instead of £160).  You can find out more about the sessions I offer and how general hypnotherapy can help on my Pure Hypnotherapy website.