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Jacqui, Independent Midwife

I would have to say that HypnoBirthing is the most amazing phenomenon to observe in action. Women seem to sail through the birthing of their babies, working as a team with their birth partner who is the essential anchor for her.
There is nothing for the midwife to do except sit quietly and watch and wait. The entire experience seems to bring the couple closer together as they share in the achievement and benefit from the enhanced trust in one another that they have developed.
And finally, I think the real success story for HypnoBirthing is its benefit to men. Men have the hardest job really, being supportive to their partners but not really having a defined role. Men’s role as HypnoBirthing partners is clearly key to the whole success story and being actively involved in the birth of their children allows men to bond easily and immediately with them.
Jacqui, Independent Midwife

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